Pastel Painters Materials List

Paper:  Canson Mi Tientes 19 5/8” x 25 5” (full sheets), neutral tones, such as steel gray (431), felt gray (429), sky blue (354), oyster (340), flannel gray (122), amber (504), bisque (502).

Drawing board:  large enough to hold a 19” x 25” sheet of paper.  For use with pastels, the board needs to be padded with several sheets of paper (one way to do this is to pad the board with several sheets of newspaper and then cover it with a sheet of newsprint—use masking tape, and it will be semi-permanent).  Boards for drawing classes do not need to be padded, but you can certainly use your padded one for drawing, too.

Pastels:  A set of soft pastels, at least 100 colors, but the more the better!  Rembrants, Girault, and Holbein work very well.  A full set of 250 Rembrants is desirable.  The following separate Rembrant colors may be helpful if not included in your set:

  • 227.8  Yellow ochre
  • 234.3  Raw Sienna
  • 339.8  Light oxide red
  • 343.9, 343.8  Caput Mortuum red
  • 371.8  Permanent red deep
  • 409.3, 409.5, 409.8  Burnt umber
  • 411.7, 411.8  Burnt sienna
  • 508.3  Prussian Blue
  • 538.7  Mars violet
  • 548.3  Blue violet
  • 704.9  Grey
  • 339.5  Light oxide red
  • Augmenting your soft pastels with a set of Nupastels is fine—no oil pastels
  • Drafting tape or clips to hold your work to the board
  • Paper towels
  • Moist towels such as “Wet Ones”
  • Mahl stick
  • Hand-held mirror, 5” x 7” is good
  • A long (12” is good”) thin stick, knitting needle or brush handle for measuring
  • Kneaded eraser and chamois cloth
  • Vine charcoal
  • Sandpaper block for sharpening charcoal
  • Drawing tablet

Also nice to have:

  • Tin pie plate or box top to hold pastels you are using
  • Old  watercolor or painting brushes
  • Skin blocking cream such as Artguard, or rubber gloves
  • If sensitive to pastel dust, a face mask
  • Dust catcher for easel (a thin strip of newspaper or mat board works well)
  • Flat, single edge razor for sharpening Nupastels
  • Pastel pencils and sharpener

If you tend to drop your pastels now and then, an old towel to place on the floor beneath your easel can save many a shattered pastel

Easels and trays are provided.  It is strongly recommended that you bring your favorite portable easel.